Welcome to the Online School of Choice Application

Please review the list of open schools and read thoroughly through the terms and conditions listed below before proceeding to the application process. 

If you have not reviewed the School of Choice website please do so now at https://safety-capousd-ca.schoolloop.com/SOC

Click here to review the most common SOC questions and answers. 

The Parent or Guardian must have the Student’s 7-digit Permanent Student ID to submit an application for School of Choice. If your child will be new to CUSD in 2021-2022, you must first enroll and submit the supporting documentation to your School of Residency, and complete the enrollment process. Once the enrollment process is complete, the school will provide the Parent or Guardian with the Student’s 7-digit ID upon completion.

School of Choice is not first come first served. A random, unbiased lottery will be conducted for each priority area when there are more applicants than spaces available at a particular school.

All applicants will be notified by mail or email as to the final status of their application. Email notifications are sent to ALL parent/guardian contacts associated with that student, not including emergency contacts.

By submitting a School of Choice application you will be agreeing that you read and understood all of the terms below.

  • I have read and understand the guidelines which govern Board Policy 5119: School of Choice.
  • I understand that I am making a commitment for my child to attend the School of Choice. The approved School of Choice is now considered the school of record.
  • I am giving up my child’s space at his/her School of Residence. I understand I must re-apply for School of Choice the following year during the online application period if I wish to return to my school of residence.
  • I understand that Home-to-School Transportation is the responsibility of the Parent or Guardian and I cannot apply for a CUSD bus pass.
  • I understand that the above named student may be transferred back to his/her School of Residence for any of the following reasons:
         (1) Unsatisfactory Attendance; 
         (2) Continual Tardiness; 
         (3) Failure of the Parent/Guardian to make adequate transportation arrangements; 
         (4) Unsatisfactory Academic Performance: 
         (5) Unsatisfactory Behavior; 
         (6) No longer residing within CUSD boundaries.
  • I understand all School of Choice decisions are final. There is no appeal process for School of Choice denials.
  • If approved, the initial School of Choice agreement is in effect for the duration of a child’s years at the requested school. You do not need to reapply annually.
  • I understand that approved applications are valid until the student matriculates to the next level (i.e. elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school).
  • I understand I can not rescind my application once approved for School of Choice. 
  • I understand that if this student is approved to the requested school, it DOES NOT guarantee approval for siblings in the future.

By clicking the Proceed to Apply button, I acknowledge that I understand the guidelines which govern Board Policy 5119: School of Choice and I agree to the terms of that policy.